About Madi Unger

Established in 2017 as an inspiration for travelers like me {Rome}ing around Trastevere. This site is a fully detailed guide on navigating the ins and outs of Trastevere including secret hidden treasures and must-see special features. If you are a millennial, love traveling and experiencing the best things that Trastevere has to offer, you will find a sense of belonging right here. 

I’m from originally from Dallas, Texas, but I moved to Rome three weeks ago. I submitted a last minute application to The John Cabot University where I was accepted and now study as a visiting student until May. After living here for almost one month, I’m madly in love with my new city. Since I am a student, I can offer various ways to save economically while traveling throughout Trastevere. When I am not studying or in class I am exploring Trastevere. I love to travel and I’m so fortunate to have the experience to Travel around Europe while studying marketing. Rome is one of the most beautiful culture-thriving cities I have ever been to. Every corner portrays a new perspective of the city of course with topping off the amazing scenery with delectable Roman dishes. Don’t forget to subscribe to this page to keep receiving valuable updates and helpful information!