La Dolce Vita -Trastevere

A Guide to Finding The Best Sweets in Trastevere

My blog is called the sweet life and for good reason.  This blog will help you and your sweet tooth harmonize. Let me share some of my personal favorite dessert places in Trastevere.

Tiramisu is a popular classic Italian dessert that is a-must when visiting Italy.  Honestly, it is like not ordering pasta while in Italy. Do not get deceived in to actually going to Tiramisu itself. It is a touristy place in my book and over commercialized. Since it is a franchise, it degrades the value and quality of the dessert.



This is a fun atmosphere has live music and wonderful food. It is a hit with all of the millennials. The Tiramisu is not only delicious it is served in a unique way. It actually comes in a mason jar; so it is really cute as well as delectable.  I have often gone there just to eat a delicious treat at the bar while enjoying the ambience and live band. It is so FB photo and Insta- worthy!!

Pasticeria Trastevere (Trastevere)

I am a sugar-holic and I can always count on this pastry shop to suffice my sweet tooth. Frankly, this is one of the best places to visit in Trastevere. Personally, it is one of my local hangouts as well as many other millennials. Walking by the shop  you will notice the aroma in the atmosphere is all about the delicious treats. They have a variety so I recommend trying new pastries each visit. I personally love the strawberry tarts. Truly, everything is freshly baked and you can tell with each bite.

Ciuri Ciuri (Various)

This Sicilian cake shop specializes in the Ricotta Cannoli, another traditional Italian favorite.  Although, this dessert is really from Sicily, Rome can still compete with this dessert space.  What makes their Cannoli stand out is the fresh Ricotta and sprinkle of pistachio on the top. They also have gelato if you are a double-fister. Both are definitely worthy of your calories!

Biscottificio Innocenti (Trastevere)

This bakery, founded around 100 years ago, and known for their delicious Biscotti. In fact, each day they produce over 50 different types of Biscotti.  Their longevity says something about the quantity and quality of their Biscotti! Personally, I love my Biscotti with a nice cup of coffee, which they can provide as well.  The Chocolate-Dunked Biscotti is divine. They also have delicious meringue desserts.

Alle fratte di Trastevere

This is a very popular place with a loyal customer base! They have amazing food as well as dessert. Their specialties are fresh Profiteroles and Tiramisu. They are especially proud of their lemon Tiramisu. Do not fret; it is very inexpensive so you do not have to feel guilty about consuming expensive calories!

Go ahead and indulge –La Dolce Vita!

Don’t believe me… read some more great reviews!


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