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Best Pizza in Trastevere


Every want to indulge in ordering a full Roman pizza just for yourself? Well, in Italy, it is perfectly acceptable to go to a pizza place with the intention of having a pizza for just yourself. Trastevere is known for some of the most amazing pizza places.


Here are some of my favorite sit-down pizza places in Trastevere:

The Mirror

The Mirror is the ideal spot for a delectable pizza. The excellent prices attract millennials. It’s a great way to go for a fun dinner without spending a small fortune. With nice weather around the corner, they offer a great patio too. In addition, the servers here actually can speak decent English, which isn’t always the case in Rome. There is even a 12-euro menu that includes all three courses!

Another popular place among my friends in Italy is Ai Marmi:

This is where the locals come and get their traditional Roman pizza. The décor is nothing to write home about. This is a typical hole in the wall pizza place but the pizza is really what matters here. They also have amazing suppli, which is basically a cheese-rice ball inside of a fried shell.

Dar Poeta is a great place with a variety of different pizzas. The best part about this place is that it is open until 1 am, so if you decide to leave the bars for a bite to eat, they offer a nice chance for a sit-down pizza. There are a few different locations around Rome, but of course, since this blog is about Trastevere… you’ll be visiting the one hereJ The wood-oven gives a nice flavor to the authentic Roman pizza.

Dar Poeta.jpg

Ivo a Trastevere

Another popular pizza place with the locals is Ivo a Trastevere. Although this place is very casual, they serve a very nice pizza with reasonable prices. Customers can choose from different sauce options. They usually offer white or red sauce. For dessert lovers, they even have a Nutella pizza for dessert, which is actually AMAZING.

Known to locals as the best place to get traditional Roman style thin-crust pizza in Trastevere, this rowdy but charming pizzeria is great for a quick, delicious snack.

Pizzeria Nerone

A great pizzeria that serves an amazing Neapolitan style. This consists of a chewy crust with a lot of tomato sauce but little cheese. There service is very attentive. Don’t be surprised to see a queue outside the door. They spice up their menu by naming their pizzas after famous ancient Roman figures.

Check out this great link to discover more amazing restaurants to try in Trastevere!


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