Fashion in Rome for the Traveler

Stylin’ And Lookin Fly

So you are coming to Rome and need to know how to dress the part to fit in. You see, Italians are very fashionable. If you are a poorly dressed foreigner, it is not good. You will stick out like a sore thumb and a potential target for petty theft. Italian fashion is vibrant with a splash of sophistication. This post is to help you with a packing list for the average Italian look no matter what the season.


Image from Wikipedia creative commons

From an outsider’s perspective, Italians love fitted, charming and playful clothing. Italians tend to be thin and love to show off their figures with their clothing. Therefore, you will notice that most of their clothing is fitted. In addition, Italians love name brands. Name brands seem to be more prevalent in Italy than any other European country.


Let’s start with everyone’s favorite, shoes. What is very prevalent in Italy are some sort of high heel, boot or flats. Never wear a tennis or canvas shoe. For clothing, Italian women wear jeans, dresses, skirts, and leggings with a trench coat over. Accessories are always essential in Italy and are the most influential part of the outfit. Some accessories could be sunglasses, scarves, anything that sparkles or super feminine. Italian women never wear frumpy clothing. They do show just a little bit of skin to for some sex appeal but not too much to cause confusion that they might belong on a corner of the road. In Rome, just stick to looking modern with a touch of sexiness.


Usually we see some kind of boot or shoe worn with tight fitted jeans or dress pants. To top it off they have a man bag with a scarf to keep their neck warm. There is a myth in Italy that you need to keep your neck covered from a breeze of wind or else you will get sick. Men love vests and almost have that metro-sexual look. Men love wearing blazers with a fitted pair of jeans and a nice pair of loafers. Men like to look masculine with some sex appeal.

By Season:

Summer and Spring

Colors are worn as opposed to sticking to mostly black in the winter. It can get pretty hot in Rome so a lot of roman women wear pencil skirts, dresses, or capris with a nice blouse. Men like to wear light colored fitted shirts with a pair of jeans or shorts. We see Italian men wear dark- wash jeans. Many businessmen still wear the suits and blazers. For a more casual look, they often pair a light colored t-shirt off with a navy blazer. Many wear lighter colored khaki slacks. Men carry their satchels while women carry their brand name purses. Leather belts are huge in Italy; so don’t forget to bring yours. Sunglasses are a must- bring item. We see women wearing the sexy, oversized sunglasses. Neutral colors are always worn so it’s always a safe bet. Leather shoes are almost always worn during any season.

Fall and Winter

Most women and men wear a type of gray or black pea coat. Women wear fitted pants with boots, a scarf and a pea coat on top. Men and women all wear scarfs for any season; so do not forget to bring one! Knitted hats with a faux fur pom-pom on top is usually a solid choice for the season. Neutral colors are popular during the fall and winter. So if you are coming during this time bring some grey, black, and brown clothing. Make sure you have a pair of leather boots that allow you to walk miles a day, as well as look stylish.

Leave at home:

Once again, leave your sneakers and tennis shoes at home. Italians do not wear athletic footwear out in public unless it’s a pair of Adidas Superstars or Stan Smith’s. Don’t forget to leave your frumpy clothing at home.


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