Dove dormire a Roma — Rest in Trastevere

Best Places to Stay in Trastevere

Finding a place to reside, if you stay in Trastevere will not disappoint!  I live in Trastevere and adore this city with all it has to offer. Besides the charm of the cobblestone streets and quaint buildings typical of Rome, Trastevere is located on the West bank of the Tiber, just south of the Vatican City.  The proximity is centrally located if you are interested in visiting the Vatican, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. In addition, there are many restaurants from which to choose, because Trastevere, also known as the food hub. I promise, you will not go starving in Italy. There are tons of wine bars as well located in this neighborhood. Feed your sweet tooth with the gelaterias surrounding Trastevere.

Adorable little shops line the streets of Trastevere that offer places to discover and explore. Trastevere is the poppin’ place, especially for millennials, since there are many international students in the area. I have visited and stayed in some areas of cities where it does not feel like I am actually in Italy.  Let’s go over some great options on where to stay. First, there are loads of Airbnbs in the area. I personally love staying in these because you get to experience what life is like almost like a local. Suddenly your whole tourist vibe is shot way down and you get to experience the city like a native.  Typically, Airbnb’s are cheaper to rent for the night than residing in a hotel. On Viale di Trastevere there are a multitude of options. If you want to experience the city while living it up more luxuriously there are plenty of hotels for that too.

There are so many transportation options to take while staying in Trastevere such as Tram 3 and 8. The bus is also a convenient option and can get you to Vatican City if you do not prefer to do the mile-walk. There are taxi stands all around and UBER is always an option in this day and age. With this being said, you can have some nights to just cook your own pasta while enjoying a nice glass of wine with some company.

Airbnb’s listings for homes in Trastevere-

Check out the link to find some enchanting apartments to stay


Trastevere Hotel

Hotel Trastevere

Image from Expedia

This hotel is a great option because it is in a good area in Trastevere and provides free breakfast. This is a great value for your money.

Super modern hotel with a reasonable price and somewhat new

Hotel with free breakfast, Wi-Fi and great promotions


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