Pasta Perfetta

The Most Authentic Around Trastevere

Living in Trastevere has many perks such as having some of the best restaurants in all of Italy. Ironically, there is no such thing as “Italian” food. In fact, there is no actual category called Italian food because each region has their own version of their specialty. Rome is centrally located in Italy and features four traditional pasta dishes that are a “must try.”  Here are some helpful tips, especially for millenials,  when they are just strolling around deciding where to eat. First, I recommend  never choose a restaurant in the main piazza. They are usually a tourist trap with higher prices and less quality food. Second, it is also smart to not choose a restaurant that displays pictures of the food outside of the restaurant as that is targeting tourists- Romans would know exactly what those dishes are! Third, never go to a restaurant where they are trying to hustle you through the door to eat at their place, as this usually implies that they have difficulty gaining customers on their own.

The specialty pastas of Rome include Pasta alla Gricia, which is basically pasta with cured pork cheeks, garlic, black pepper and Pecorino cheese sprinkled on top. Next up is Pasta all’Amatriciana. This pasta is made with tomatoes and dried chile that is actually cooked in in the fat of guanciale. Cacio e Pepe may seem super simple because it only made with grated pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper but it is a true art and a true favorite among the Romans. Last is my personal favorite, Carbonara. This pasta is made with cured bacon that is tossed with melted fat and raw eggs. Do not worry; the hot pasta actually ends up cooking the raw egg that provides a nice coating on the pasta. Lastly, it is topped off with a simple dash of pepper.

Romans take their dishes very seriously. So, if you go to a traditional Roman restaurant,   ask for their “house favorite” or recommendations.

Check out more information on Roman pasta dishes!

Some of my favorite places to eat in Trastevere…

La Botticella

This is a favorite restaurant if you are a millenial looking for an excellent food with great value. Pasta dishes are priced around 9 euros. The pasta is absolutely phenomenal and everything is homemade, made-to-order. In all of the times that I have been, I can honestly say that have not had bad pasta there. I highly recommend trying all four Roman dishes while you spend time in this eternal city. Sharing plates is always fun.  Go out to eat with a few  friends and each of you order a different Roman dish,  that way you can try them all! Agian, this is a great restaurant to enjoy if you are traveling on a budget but want quality traditional Roman food.

Ombre Rosse

Millenials looking for great food with atmosphere will discover that Ombre Rosse is the place.  They feature live-music  most nights which adds to the wonderful ambiance. The courtyard is another feature of Ombre Rosse offering a lovely dining perspective. Ombre Rosse is a celebratory spot to gather for an anniversary or  birthdays  that will not disappoint! The pasta is phenomenal and a great value for the money. The ambiance and food play in for a fantastic experience at Ombre Rosse. There is an  extensive wine and cocktail list offering great pairings for whatever meal you choose. Another great tip to note is  they can accept credit cards. This is a huge plus; many Italian restaurants  only take cash.

More places to check out:

  • Taverna Trilussa
  • Le Mani in Pasta
  • Da Teo
  • Roma Sparita
  • Osteria La Gensola

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