Caffe Americano

Coffee, Because Adulting is Hard!

Coffee dates back to the 1500’s and is an important element to the Italian culture. Order coffee in Italy is definitely an art, you must know.  Here is a quick guide for those millenials that need a pick-me-up. The unspoken laws about coffee pertain to what coffee you can have and at what time of the day. It is not like a Starbucks where you can order whatever your heart desires at whatever time. Just saying- the baristas will judge you and you will definitely stand-out, in a bad way!  That being said, Starbucks is actually based off an Italian bar setting, but does not adapt the same Italian culture. Here are some tips when it comes to ordering coffee.

Cappuccinos, Caffé Macchiatos, and Latte Macchiatos are all consumed at the breakfast hour no later than 11 am. These coffees have a heavy milk base which is the reason that it is only consumed in the morning with a pastry, usually un cornetto (a croissant). Also, you usually consume your coffee standing up at the bar, because if you sit down you will get charged extra, sometimes double the price of the coffee. Water always cost money even if it appears as “tap water” so just be aware. Usually Italians order un caffé for an afternoon jolt. This is  actually an espresso. For millenials that want to get more of a taste of home, I recommend that you order the Caffè Americano. This coffee is a drip-coffee like typical  in the U.S. but it is not quite as strong due to the extra amount of hot water. At first, Italian coffee may be a bit too strong for the taste buds but soon you will learn to love it as,  it is an acquired taste. I usually consume a lot of espressos because I need quick energy to get through the day without spending much time at a coffee bar. I can take the espresso in one minute and then leave feeling more refreshed. Another pro tip- pay for your coffee before you place your order with the barista. Another tip, there is sometimes a separate cashier when you place and pay for your order then, you take the little slip of paper to the barista and he will prepare your coffee drink.  Don’t forget to get adventurous when trying out different flavors and strengths of coffees. Just remember the tips listed;  ordering coffee is an art in Italy.

Some of my favorite places to grab coffee around Trastevere…



This is a great millennial-hangout spot for any hour of the day. It functions as a great coffee bar with fun English speaking baristas. In the evening, it adds to the Roman nightlife and functions as a great cocktail bar. I usually stop here in between classes to grab a quick espresso, but they also have excellent food. If you are looking for an American style breakfast featuring eggs, this is your spot.  If you didn’t already know, breakfast isn’t really a thing in Rome, so it is kind of refreshing to see that you have an option if you really are starving in the morning. Mecchanismo has a great price-point for coffee drinks as I usually pay €1 for an espresso. The ambiance is cool and is a great meeting spot for millenials.

If you would like more information on Mecchanismo visit their website.

Coffee Pot Trastevere:

Coffee Pot is another awesome concept offering — cool a coffee bar with sushi. I have not tried the sushi here but the coffee is great.  Coffee Pot is very inviting and another happening place to meet millenials. The atmosphere is Bohemian with a multicultural vibe and occasional artists that pop in. Definitely not, like your local coffee shop back home. Coffee Pot is a favorite place to go if you are looking to sit and mingle while sipping on the coffee of your choosing.

If you would like more information on Coffee Pot visit their website.



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