Pizza a Taglio

Every Pizza is a Personal Pizza

Pizza, aka “the poor man’s dish”  is one of my absolute favorite food groups.  Pizza  originated in Naples which is famous for the round, Neapolitan-style.  However, you can still find damn good pizza in Rome, especially in Trastevere. The first pizza was probably invented around 1600 BC so, this is a food that is ingrained with a lot of history.

Roman pizza is constructed with a thin dough which gives it a crispy consistency. Usually, traditional Roman pizza is made with anchovies. Though,pizza  with anchovies is not my personal favorite. My personal favorite includes sausage, prosciutto or mushrooms. What sets Roman pizza apart from all the rest are the fresh ingredients and the thin dough before it is placed into the oven.  To make this crispy and thin-style, Roman pizza is baked in a stone oven with temperature over 300° C.

In Rome, pizza is served either by the slice or round. Pizza by the slice is actually called Pizza a taglio that actually translates to “cut pizza.” This post will feature some of the favorites in Trastevere serving pizza by the slice. Pizza a taglio is a typical lunch for me in- between classes. It also makes a great late night snack after the nightlife because some of these places are open fairly late.

You can learn more about the ancient beginnings of pizza and the different styles here at this website

La Renella,is actually bread bakery with a long history starting back in 1870, delivers bread to many of the restaurants around Trastevere. They are famous for their table bread. When the bread is baking the mouth-watering aroma entices people just walking down the street. They serve a mean pizza a taglio  because their amazing bread.  I highly recommend getting a pizza slice and loaf of bread to bring home. La Ranella is located in the heart of Trastevere so it is very convenient as you are making your way around this entertaining, and lively area. La Ranella is an ideal spot for millennials like myself because you can grab a slice of pizza for around 2.50 euros that is very tasty and fresh. It is a fun and friendly hangout spot where millenials are assertive, in a good way.

Visit their website if you would like to learn more information!

La Renella.jpg

La Boccaccia:

Another favorite for a reasonably priced delicious pizza a taglio is La Boccaccia. This is usually my after class snack. You will find millenials and students that come here for a quick slice. La Baccaccia is known for their stone-ground flour and fresh ingredients. What is especially nice is you can the size of your slice of pizza.  The cost actually depends on the weight of the pizza. Usually the pizza slices are around €2.50. I have noticed that most of the pizza in Rome comes with a Prosciutto topping. La Baccaccia is highly recommended and I discovered it while on a food tour !

To check out more information on La Boccaccia visit their site.


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