Best Aperitifs

It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

I am going to start out this post by saying millennials enjoy “Aperitivo” and I will be happy to tell you why.   An aperitivo is actually a pre-dinner drink, but it translates to being “open” to the palate. It is a fun time that allows one to unwind and socialize with friends while preparing for the dinner hour. Imagine buying a drink and then invited to partake in a generous buffet of complimentary delicious appetizers and food.  If you are like me and enjoy a great cocktail while enjoying unlimited food, you will be pleasantly surprised. This is a favorite of millennials because you can spend around 10 Euros for your drink and food. Almost every bar in Trastevere has an apertivo that usually takes place around 7-9pm. Some places are more generous with their aperitvos than others are. The choice of appetizers range from potato chips to a more extravagant display of hot pasta, prosciutto, pastries and fruit. The alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink you choose to order for the aperitif depends on your personal preference. There is usually an extravagant menu of drinks from which to choose. The most popular aperitif during happy hour is a Campari, which is a spritz. They are very tasty and more commonly known for being a summer drink. Spritz is prosecco, aperol and soda water topped off with a fresh orange slice. To learn more about the tradition of aperitifs, I encourage you to visit this link.

My two favorite places for an Aperitif include:

Freni e Frezoni:


Photo from:

Freni e Frizioni was founded 10 years ago and is a converted mechanic’s workshop. It functioned as a street cocktail bar with the idea of instilling more culture into an aperitivo rather than limiting this tradition to upscale hotel bars. My favorite drink is called La passion di Cristian. If you want to pretend you are a fantastic mixologist here is the recipe that I found on their website!

50 ML 15 ML ELDERFLOWER VODKA LIQUEUR 30 ML LEMON JUICE 10 ML STRAWBERRY PUREE 1/2 FRESH PASSION FRUIT 5 ML SIMPLE SYRUP Technique: Shake Pour all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice, filtered with a strainer inside a jar of preserves from 300 ML. / Pour all the ingredients into a shaker full of ice, filter with a strainer into a jar for preserves (300ml size). Decoration: ice shell sprig of mint, passion fruit slice and powdered sugar. / Garnish with a shell of ice, twig of mint, a segment of passion fruit and powder sugar.

Check out their website if you are interested in learning more!

Antico Caffe del Moro


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Another one of my favorite places in Trastevere to have an aperitivo is Antico Caffe del Moro. This restaurant and wine bar offers 360 different wine labels and over 1000 bottles for wine by the glass. They are known as a great restaurant and have a fantastic bar and aperitivo. The food is really delicious. They offer a variety of different items for food and have top shelf wine. I had the house wine and was pleasantly surprised with the taste and quality. They also offer great craft beer if that’s more your mojo.


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