The Best of Trastevere

When in Rome, Do as the Romans

Trastevere is regarded as one of the most charming areas in Rome. The cobblestone paths that line this neighborhood give Rome that authentic nature. It is also lined with international and American influence with university students scattered throughout the area. Trastevere is known as the Bohemian area with tons of locals and millennials. Trastevere is also known for being the food hub and having lively nightlife. It has it’s own character that is very distinct and regarded as unique and artsy. Strolling the streets you will notice colorful graffiti that demonstrates the free spirit of this area.


Some of my favorite sites to see and activities to do around Trastevere include The Basilica of Santa Maria, Palazzo San Corsini, Piazza Trilussa,  taking a cooking class, going on a food tour, and experiencing the nightlife. One of the benefits of visiting Trastevere is that it is close to Vatican City where you can see the Vatican and even hear one of the Pope’s sermons. It is also close to Piazza Venezia where you can visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

The Basilica of Santa Maria is actually considered one of the oldest churches in Rome and is located in the heart of Trastevere. The church dates back to 340 AD. There are mosaics covering apse, which is main feature. The mosaics depict the “Life of the Virgin Mary”. It is really interesting because there are 21 ancient Roman columns throughout the basilica.

I truly loved visiting the Palace of the Corsini family. It is now an art gallery hosting works from artists such as Caravaggio. Italian art is truly breathtaking and the Corsini Palace is perfect to view this amazing gallery because of the ornate ceilings and Baroque style décor.

Piazza Trilussa is a spot I visit on a daily basis. It is right next to my university and always a great meeting spot. The fountain is notable because it is dedicated to an Italian poet actually named Trilussa.

If you are inspired by the delectable food in Trastevere, I highly recommend taking a cooking class by Chef Andrea, a local Roman chef that will entice you to find your inner culinary passion.  The class is usually 3.5 hours and  where you create an appetizer, main entrée and dessert.  Italian cooking class is also a fun way to meet other millennials. You not only cook together but also enjoy the meal together.  In my class, we made Zuppa di Orzo, Cavatelli Arabbiata and tiramisu. Italian cooking is a skill you can take home with you after an amazing vacation. No doubt, you will surely  impress your friends and family at your next house party.

If you are interested in cooking lessons, visit this link to learn more.                                    IMG_5425.JPG

I went on a Food Tour of Rome that focused on the restaurants in the Trastevere neighborhood. On the first stop, fried cod was surprisingly very good and in high demand. Note, there is typically a long-line in front of the kitchen to take home this sensation  We also went to a pizza place that was highly recommended. Next, we stopped at a restaurant and had two different styles of pasta along with an experience to try the famous Jewish artichoke. The pastas we tried were traditional roman dishes: one being Cacio e Pepe and Bucatini all’ Amatriciana. The last stop was my favorite because we had very delicious gelato. If you are interested in experiencing some of the best restaurants in Trastevere, I recommend booking a tour through The Roman Foodie.

Trastevere is also famous for the nightlife. I have experienced a few nightclubs and bars in the area but they were very American. Some of the famous nightclubs among the millennials include G-Bar and Sloppy Sam’s. They are relatively fun but you have to constantly worry about getting pick-pocketed and watch out for the creepy older men standing on the sides of the bars.  I recommendIf you are looking for a very Italian nightlife experience Trastevere is not the area for you, but there are many other nightlife options across the river!



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