Sweet Retreat

Finding the Best Gelato in Trastevere

“Let Them Eat Cake”-Marie Antoinette. That quote was referring to France, however when in Rome we eat gelato. Living in Trastevere has its perks. One of the best advantages is definitely having a gelato shop around every corner. After living here for almost a month I have established what quality gelato looks and tastes like. Bad gelato captures the eyes of tourists, as it is stacked very high with bright colors. Usually they are located on the main piazzas and have American flavors such as “Snickers” or “Oreo.” This is a great marketing tactic to lure in all of the tourists that visit the main sites around Trastevere but then need to quench their taste for something sweet by peering in the window of the conveniently located gelateria. It is easy to get swooned by the cute gelato shop with a huge variety of flavors that is definitely eye candy.

From my experience, the best gelato shops can maintain a maximum of 30 flavors. The flavors consist of more traditional Italian flavors such as “Stracciatella” or “Tiramisu.” The gelato height should be level with the containers as it proves that it needs to stay cold as opposed to stacked high gelato infused with a bunch of chemicals and preservatives. Neutral colorings of gelato proves that there are no artificial colorings. Therefore, the best gelato is not nearly as attractive but I will guarantee  you will be receiving the freshest and tastiest scoop of gelato if you follow those tactics. Try not to feel guilty indulging in gelato as it has less fat than ice cream.

Millennials love gelato

Let’s get on to the best Gelateria’s for the Euro in Trastevere…

Gelateria Fatamorgana features all-natural gelato that is gluten-free and homemade. It is very inexpensive as you can receive one scoop for one €. I recommend you take on the extra calories adding panne (whipped cream) that is also homemade and delicious…as they say, When in Rome…! There are many interesting flavors from which to choose, so being a frequent visitor will never get old. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself! A few of their unique flavors are figs & rum or chocolate & tobacco. Millennials love the new trends in flavors! You will have to check this gelato shop out for yourself to experience all it has to offer.

Gelateria del Teatro is something else. It is located near the Jewish Ghetto where it is very trendy for millennials. I actually was taken here on a Roman food tour. A small cup of gelato is two € and they offer a great variety of flavors and also some less fattening sorbet. This artisan gelato can satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Of course I ordered the Tiramisu flavor which was to die for. The smooth rich texture is incomparable. This gelato shop actually rotates 200 flavors year round depending on the season and the seasonal fruits being used so you can always count on trying a new flavor with each visit! Check out their website to gain further knowledge of their special craftsmanship.

Watch this video below to learn more about creating gelato!!

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